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Ai pack

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This Ai pack is useful if you use aoeHD + compatible patch, or want more WK Ai, or just want a challenge from non-human enemies.
other.pngList of Ai in the mod with credits and original page:AllianceThundaEmpire 2.3b by Phoenix_Mabuse[You must login to view link]Barbarian 2.18 by II2N[You must login to view link]Bruteforce 2.14L17 by CheeseOnToast[You must login to view link]Crusade 4.42c by Campidoctoris[You must login to view link]Illuminati 1.0c by Aleph[You must login to view link]Juggernaut 1.5 by UnfairestEel[You must login to view link]Promi 1.55c by Promiskuitiv[You must login to view link]Serpent 1.4 by UnfairestEel[You must login to view link]The Duke 1.6 by DarkAngelBGE[You must login to view link]The Horde 3.9 by zergs[You must login to view link]The_Unknown 2.21 by offwo200[You must login to view link]TRiBaL_Warriors 6.4 by esty[You must login to view link]Zycat 1.01 by Zycat[You must login to view link]List of Ai in the mod which support WololoKingdom:- Barbarian- Promi- The Horde- The_Unknown2- TRiBaL_WarriorsIf you are an Ai scripter and wants your Ai be in this pack just pm me :)
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