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Jurassic 2

by Donnie - 15215 downloads

This is the 2nd version of my Jurassic AoC scenario. The concept is the same, but there are some major differences in this version. Hunt the enemy with dinosaurs, and try to build a base to survive while the enemy is hunting you back at the same time.Screenshot:
Economic buildings automatically generate resources as long as they are standing. Military buildings give you different tech upgrades. Build together and make sure you have an escape route from your base.
  • Lumber camps generate wood(5 maximum)
  • Mills generate food(5 maximum)
  • Mining camps generate stone & gold(5 maximum)
  • Market gives you extra gold(1 maximum)
  • Outpost gives you cartography
  • Barracks upgrades to fortified walls
  • Stable upgrades your hero attack power & hit points
  • Blacksmith increases your tower attack
Maps Included:
  • [V] Jurassic 4-5
  • [V] Jurassic 4-5 better towers!
  • [V] Jurassic Blood Final II
  • [V] Jurassic Blood Final III
  • [V] Jurassic Blood Final IV(Porus)
  • [V] Jurassic P-Arctic
  • [V] Jurassic Park [ II ] 9-4
  • [V] Jurassic Park v6-1
  • [V] Jurassic Versus 1,9
  • [V] Mini Pair CB v1
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